PARTY: The New York Minded Summer Contemporary and 1 Year Fiesta

NYMND1yr Omi Ronny

We have managed to keep the lights on for a whole year, party!. Our “Gallery | Studio” space turned a year old May 30th, and we celebrated by announcing “The New York Minded Summer Contemporary and 1 Year Fiesta” at Le Baron NYC on May 29th, 2014. Last summer we found a store front in the Queens Bridge section of Long Island City Queens and decided to use it as workspace that doubles as an art gallery that reinvents itself accordingly to any situation within its parameter. A lot for a modest space you say, well as New Yorkers we know space is a commodity and put every square foot available to use. NYMND has been around a lot longer then the space but we felt an actual location would be a great way to share our creative thought process. Since opening our doors we have produced 8 exhibits including 1 in Miami during Art Basel 2013, along with 7 other projects and events including a Mural for the local college access program provided by Urban Up-bound and sponsored by Reed Elsevier.

The New York Minded Summer Contemporary is what we have chosen to name our upcoming program, and the name is a play on NYC basketball ball tournaments. As a kid growing up in NYC “ball is life” and we want to take on every project with that dedication, camaraderie, and sense of community. More about this concept in a later post now lets talk 1 year fiesta!. The night started early with the audience arriving on time to catch the first live performance by Crysto Martyr accompanied by Violinist Megan Atchley. We called upon friends and family to make this night one to remember. Hosted and venue provided by Julio “the Great” Montero and other host included life, cosmic, fashion, health and art crush Masha Orlov!!, the impressive and incredible Fa’ Empel, and the Queen of our Collective Omahyra Mota. DJ, Singer, Artist, and Queens creative Nicole of Nina Sky kept the crowd in a seizure and blended into a second set by Crysto Martyr at 1am that exploded into a mosh! pit!. DJ and all of the above Valissa Yoe was the perfect closer, which is why we love her for taking us well into the morning to conclude the night. I personally would like to express my appreciation for everyone involved, for all who came out to celebrate with us, and for all who in any way enjoy and are lending any interest in what we are doing. Thank you all!

Ronny Estrella,


Crysto Martyr opening the night at Le Baron NYC 


Hosting and Crushing… Omahyra Mota and Fa’ Empel


Nicole! takes command of the night


Venus X and Omahyra in the moment during Ni**Sky‘s set


Omahyra brings Crysto Martyr back on for their second set


Bernd Naber Reps BROOKLYN on the dance floor


All photos including this selfie by Leo and his disposable camera








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