Essence 1, 2, 3, 4
Neon on Plexiglas – 2014
14 X 11


Essence 5
Mixed media – 2014
23 X 23


Essence 8
Mixed media – 2014
40 X 13

Installation 1

Installation 1
Mixed media – 2014
Compressed wood, Acrylic, and Enamel
Sheer Dress by Ronny Estrella
Sewing Machine used to make dress

installation 2 ESSENCE full

Installation 2
Mixed media – 2014
Enamel on Plastic barrel
23 X 21 X 35

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New York Minded (NYMND) is excited to present new works by Song e Yoon for her first solo exhibition in the U.S.A. since moving here from Korea. Song e Yoon’s work will be displayed at NYMND, May 10th – 24th, 2014.

Artist Statement: Song e Yoon

The work has three elements zeitlichkeit, extensity and materiality.
These elements explain the principles of the universe. My work embodies tension between the human and the natural, influence of gravity in our lives and natural energy.
Zeitlichkeit is material and is part of human history. Everyone takes an equal amount of time. The clock is ticking and time is fleeting. I show progress and continuity through installation, color dripping from top to bottom or flowing over a bowl. Liquid color flows between layers of an artwork. The trace expresses its history. Time and materials are not discrete objects; they overlap and coexist.
Extensity is influenced by gravity. My philosophy can be found in the heavenly and earthly, male and female, or principles of nature.  My work is painted with air and wind, and dried in different temperature. I wake up with a feeling of special sound and light. I show this as a continuum in space. This continuum expresses physical and psychological events in the universe like Cosmos and chaos. People experience the profound and mysterious power of nature in the space.
I express materiality through color. I use brilliant fluorescent tones in my painting based on the five traditional Korean colors: red, yellow, blue, black, and white. These also represent one of the directions of the Korean zodiac, and through them, I express the energy of the universe. They symbolize the heavenly and the earthly, male and female, and harmony and continuity of Zeitlichkeit, extensity, and materiality.
In our world, every substance falls from top to bottom. Every material has a critical point, and if it passes that point, the material changes shape due to the sheer lack of cohesiveness. My work shows the tension between humanity and nature in our everyday lives. We live within the enormous power of nature.