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In the interest of building content for sharing with you all, Reina and I set out to discover “Urban Backdrops”. Urban Backdrops is the start of our hopefully consistent periodical section of our site.

We visited our local QueensBridge Park and jumped into the abandoned pool house.<!

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Reina is an architecture student at Columbia University and we are lucky to have her on board at NYMND. At the very end is Reina’s breakdown of “Urban Backdrops”, which is what we will use to build and edit our ideas for online titles and imagery.

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After the park I walked over to Moma Ps1 to meet AHHHMazing Masha! to check out the #NYABF, it was the first time for both of us, it was fun and we are going back Sunday, which will be crazy! meet us there!. Cash is recommended, some exhibitors are not taking plastic.

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Ran into Sabina! at the book fair Xx…


  • When people do things in the city, stuff happens.
  • More specifically: when people take action against the urban scape, there is the production of urban backdrops.
  • The urban as a backdrop.

ur•ban back•drop \ˈər-bən ˈbak-ˌdräp\

  1. A lens; through which we view the city. New designs, new trends, new attractions and new styles/lifestyle. A stage set built to produce, conceive and execute a form of action. A framework; a script; a narrative inscribed onto the city; a dialogue between the individual and the city. An endless flow of perceptions.
  2. An architecture; upon or within which urban phenomena take place. A structure that is the result of conflicts and tensions that question the new designs, new trends, new attractions and new styles/lifestyle that seem to instantaneously alter/distort/expand/enhance our perception of the city. An argument; a critique; a narrative produced by the city; a collective discourse. An endless design process.
  • Urban scapes, people and the city seem to be intricately entwined. BACKDROP is an attempt to start decomposing and analyzing urban moments/momentums.
  • Ultimately, trying to decode the process of:(people + x)city = citypeople + xcity


And what happens when x breaks through to claim an identity of its own – independent of the people – and morphs into a  collaborative entity with the city.

by Ronny Estrella


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