New York Minded is an implausible creative thought process. Attacking obstacles, seizing moments, creating your own luck, and achieving what seems to be the impossible, is being New York Minded. New York City is the culprit behind this modus operandi – the imperative need to shock through achievements.

New York Minded was initially an idea for a lifestyle brand during our Co-founder/Creative Director Ronny Estrella’s high school years. The name New York Minded is paraphrased from the hip-hop record by Nas in the early 90’s: “NY State of Mind”.  The concept behind New York Minded or NYMND – its coined nickname, originated from notes and sketches, these ideas then transitioned into a blog, a fashion column, and now into its brick and mortar form.
The Gallery:

New York Minded Gallery | Studio is a 700 sq ft contemporary art gallery and studio located in Long Island City, Queens. We made LIC our first choice for residency because of its huge artistic presence, gorgeous infrastructure and amazing views of the Manhattan skyline.  The location was induced by several factors: impulsive search for workspace, a trip to Art Basel 2012 and experiences Ronny obtained while working at TIWIMUTA. The gallery | studio space will be used to “conceptualize, execute, and exhibit” an array of projects that will take form in all mediums and creative realms.


To spread “New York Mindedness” across all channels, while cultivating and growing an assortment of creative projects.
 Many endeavors fail to reach their ultimate potential due to a lack of resources, stubborn concept, and fear of following through. Our in-house team with acquired expertise drives NYMND, which allows us to organically guide and build our partners ventures. We will create avenues between artist, canvas, exhibition, designer, label concept, and production. Catering to all stages of creativity from inception to completion. Even assisting those at an early stage of just interest and a lack of knowledge on how to proceed.

Our goal is to create a continuous dialogue about impossible creativity and prepare to be unprepared for what’s to come.